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DestroyMU Forum Rules

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1 DestroyMU Forum Rules on 26/8/2017, 12:29 pm


Destroy-Mu HGM
Destroy-Mu HGM
Welcome the Destroy MU Season 4 Community Forums
In order to maintain order, we have implemented a set of rules that we expect everyone to follow. Please take your time and read through them.

General Behaviour

1. Show respect to members and staff members. Everyone is here to have fun. Do not discriminate due to gender, race, religion, background and preferences. Refrain from using derogatory, irritating, harassing and provocative language.

2. Please do not name and shame. If you need to report someone for a rule violation use the report forms provided on this forum. Any public reports will be ignored or delete.

3. If you wish to contact a particular person, please use either the Private Messaging or Visitor Messaging function. Do not create a thread dedicated to them unless there is no other way.

4. Do not impersonate any member of our community. Any such behavior will be punished.

5. If you have a disagreement with a staff member, feel free to take it up with their seniors. If you have an issue with a HGM, GM, Mod, contact the Administrator.

6. Advertising another server will get you instantly banned both forum and server.

Posting Rules

1. Please post according to topic. We have special sections such as the Spam Zone, where you may go off-topic as you want spam all the way!. The rest of the forum is covered by this rule however, any threads started there will be about that particular section alone. Any wrong section threads will be moved to the right section or deleted.

2. Do not double post. If you remember that you have something else to add, feel free to use the edit option after you post.

3. Abusing the Reputation System is not allowed. Please refrain from granting reputation for silly posts, or trading reputation for your own ego. If you are caught doing this, you will receive a warning, and if you continue to break this rule, your reputation will be disabled.

4. Do not post obscene/pornographic/disturbing material on this forum. There are minors browsing these forums, and we do not wish to expose them to such images. Violation to this rule will receive a warning for first offense, second offense will be ban temporarily.

5. Please use English at all times. This is a international community, and the one language we all have in common is English. We have special foreign community sections which you can use as you desire to speak in your native language.

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